Automotive Photography Contents



The Historical, Vintage & Classic Car Museum in Kuwait organizing an Automotive Photography Contents, from the 15th to the 28th of May, 2011 at the Main Exhibition Hall of the Museum which is located at Shuwaikh Industrial Area opposite Kaifan, next to AlGhanim Industries.

The Museum is always in search of new and exciting event to benefit the car enthusiast in Kuwait, and help them develop all there interest and hobbies related top Cars. The main aim of this competition is to document the great creation of our enthusiast in photography.

Contest Categories:

Contestants can participate in any of the categories of the competition:

1 – Best Photo of the Car
2 – Micro Photo of the Car
3 – Black and White
4 – People’s Choice – voted on by the museum visitors

Competition Rules and Regulations:

– The last day of participation and competition to provide the photographs is on Thursday, May 12, 2011

– All images will be participating in the competition Showroom Home Museum

– Will display images from 15 to May 28, 2011

– On Sunday, May 29, 2011 will be announced winners of the competition and awards are presented to the winners and award

– The winning photos will be displayed in the pictures in the museum

– Participation is open to all photographers

– Participants must submit a copy of at least one image (and at most three images) to join the competition

– The size of images in which the participant 50 x 70 cm (transverse or horizontal)

– Submit pictures printed on (Foam Board) thickness of 10 or 5 mm

– Provide a second copy of participate images on a CD-ROM to size 50 x 70 cm “high-resolution 1500 × 23000 pixels at least”

– No details should be printed on the images or any information or watermarks on the images to ensure a neutral rating and equality for all participants

– Substantial changes of the image in not allowed, but minor touchups are ok

– Winners will be selected by a panel of judges who are qualified and specialize in the field of photography

– The Judging decision is final and may not be discussing their final decision

– When you participate on the competition may be granted Museum ALL Copyright of the images submitted, and may not reclaim any rights

– When participate on the competition, you acknowledge that the images are your work, and you own the full copyright of them

– When participate on the competition you agree to give your name as a participant or a winner to all forms of the media

– The museum will present the award for the Best Next Picture if you cannot be contacted

– The museum keeps the right to cancel the competition at any time and without prior notice to participants

– The museum keeps the right to change the dates of the competition at any time and without prior notice to participants

Photos will be evaluated according to the following:

Innovation – Style – Lighting – Composing – Harmony of colors – The center of attention


Over All Winners:

1st 1000 KD
2nd 750 KD
3rd 500 KD

Best Car Category:

1st 300 KD
2nd 200 KD
3rd 100 KD

Micro Category:

1st 300 KD
2nd 200 KD
3rd 100 KD

Black & White Category

1st 300 KD
2nd 200 KD
3rd 100 KD

And for the remaining top 50 winners will receive 50 KD

People’s Choice Winner will receive a special valuable gift.

Competition Photos will be presented to the public at the main exhibition hall, where all visitors can vote of their favorite photo by writing the number of the photo and dropping it in the drop box. The image getting most of the votes wins the “ People’s Choice Award”

For more information, communicate via Facebook Page

Participation on the competition is open to all photographers in Kuwait, all you need to do is to come to the headquarters of the Museum and fill in the Participation Forum, and Submit your photos during the official working hours (the morning from 9:00 to 12:00) and (Evening 5:00 to 8: 00) for review and inquiry, please contact The Director of Library Mr. Fadel Al-Oraier

Tel: 24847143 – 24819186

Fax: 24824037

Mr. Homod AlEnizi  Ext: 102

Mr. Fadel Al-Oraier  Ext: 116


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