Things To Do In Kuwait-Learn Scuba Diving

Kuwait Mantas Scuba Diving
The Kuwait Mantas is branch 1045 of The British Sub-Aqua club (the BSAC). . They welcome new members who want to learn to dive and run one or two intro level courses each year using their own qualified BS-AC instructors.

Kuwaiti Center for Diving

They offer new and exclusive services in the State of Kuwait and the Gulf region, international courses of commercial diving, which include training courses on diving equipment logistical from the surface and communication under water.By joining the diving school, candidates will then enroll in courses which are divided mainly into three different stages, starting with academic lectures, followed by practical sessions taking place in the Olympic swimming pool and ending with the open water sessions. By the completion of these courses candidates will then receive license from the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) qualifying them to practice their diving hobby in any diving site world wide.

Q8divers Dive Center
Q8divers Dive Center in Kuwait is home for several instructors, with some having more than 5 years experience as course instructors. They come from different scuba schools including SSI, NAUI and CMAS. Q8 Divers provides training courses in diving for all levels and genders.  Graduates will be awarded a license and certificate from internationally recognized organizations such as NAUI and CMAS.

Dive Caroline

Dive Caroline is the First PADI Gold Palm Resort in Kuwait. They are the only training center in Kuwait for Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Technical Diving International (TDI). Their instructors have trained and certified thousands of divers at all levels of scuba certification

FinZ Center
Offers Scuba Diving Training, Diving Trips in and outside Kuwait, Fishing Trips


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