Bloggers gathering ملتقى المدونين

ملتقى المدونين فكره رائعه ولكن السؤال الذي يدور في ذهني من هو المدون الذي يرغب في الكشف عن شخصيته الحقيقيه ؟



6 comments on “Bloggers gathering ملتقى المدونين

    • I dont know really hope but they said:”to find more about each-others, online terms,
      share experience, solve local problems and increase the
      social media fans/followers”
      ya3ne if some one ask what is your name then you will answer Hope ?:)

  1. lol definitely not , I won’t tell, I’m trying so hard to keep my identity as anonymous =p no plans to blow my cover anytime soon
    &if some I asks I don’t think they’ll insist to know if you refused 2 tell & it would be rude if some1 insisted, it’s just that we, as bloggers, will get to share ideas & experiences

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