Hazem Sannib


Hazem Sannib is a contemporary artist who mixes the abstract life with the modern life in his canvases.

Moving with his brush he aims to unfold a new horizon on the art scene.

Sannib started painting when he was 10 years old. Initially he was experimenting and painting without taking lessons or using specific techniques. He participated in his first art exhibition in 1994 in Kuwait. In 1997 he took his first painting lessons with the Syrian painter Fared Jorgeuos who studied Fine Arts in Rome, Italy. Sannib spent a year with him learning oil painting techniques with figurative and abstract themes.

In 1998 Sannib participated in the Syrian Artist Group Exhibition which was held in Homs,Syria.
In 2001-2002 Sannib lived in London, UK. There he took further painting lessons and improved his techniques and style.
Sannib has also studied with the Norwegian Artist Mard Issa during several stays in Norway. He has been a source of inspiration to Sannib and has helped him perfecting his style and techniques



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