level architects: house with slide

‘house with slide’ by level architects
all images courtesy level architects

yokohama-based atelier level architects has completed ‘house with slide’, a three-storey family residence
that features a continuous circulation route that utilizes both stairs and the playground equipment.
circumscribing the volume of the house, the playful layout places the living spaces at the core of
the house with a number of access points along the course.

living area on the second level

since the circulation is placed at the outer edge of the design, the interior is largely lit using
vertical openings in the roof. a centrally-placed courtyard with sliding glass doors illuminate
the living room with natural daylight while creating a small play area for the children of the house.
rounded corners of the layout encourages the light to wash around edges to further light the space.

slide exit into the living space

(left) stairs up to the top of the slide
(right) slide

third floor hall way connecting the stairs and slide

living room with light courtyard

(left) light courtyard
(right) washroom with roof light

entrance and slide exit to the right

(left) library
(right) slide and hallway


circulation diagram



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