Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 حقائب لويس فيتون لخريف





Crystal Touch “CT”

CRYSTAL TOUCH, as called as CT, is the next Kuwaiti brand in the business of the crystal’s related production & art by the creative designer Fatima Alsoudan.

CRYSTAL TOUCH” provides high end redecorated items ,that have been delicately crystallized by hand using Swarovski Elements.
”Go from bland..to BLING!”

Contact information:
mob. +965 99499642
email: crystaltouch.fs@gmail.com
Twitter: crystal_touch


Montblanc’s Limited Edition Ruby Set for Eid

Designed as a unique gift for the lovers of fine jewellery in the UAE during the festive season of Eid, Montblanc presents this exclusive Ruby Set.

The Limited Edition collection of the ultra-special pen, watch and cufflinks are available exclusively at Montblanc’s flagship boutique in Dubai Mall.

The watch is set with a total of more than 360 sparkling diamonds and rubies weighing over 2,767 carats.

The pens have been crafted by some of the best artisans in the company such as skilled jewelers, diamond setters, engravers and nib finishers who created this unique gift for the poise month of Ramadan.

Ruby Collection cuff links with 68 diamonds, 22 rubies and 2 Montblanc diamond totalling 2,87 ct, 1,69 ct and 0,29 ct.

Eid Al-Fitr is a holiday marking the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting which is one of the greatest religious observance in Islam.

Price available upon request. The ultra exclusive claim by Montblanc is fair given that the set is a one-off and will not have any identical counterparts ever.


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Mercedes-Benz to Launch a Fragrance Line

Mercedes-Benz and INCC Group announced the start of a new project on June 21 in Versailles. INCC Group received a license to develop, manufacture, and distribute the first line of Mercedes-Benz fragrances all over the world. Mercedes-Benz will release the first fragrance 125 years after the production of their first car. The premiere of the new fragrance will be in Cannes in September this year, when the brand will officially announce the release of the new fragrance. Most likely, the design of the first bottle and the composition of the fragrance, which have been kept in secret so far, will be presented there.